Add an unowned recipe filter in the recipes menu

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Ben Perry

Add a filter to the recipes menu allowing you to include or exclude recipes from unowned blueprints.

This would be useful in instances where you're trying to plan for the future while choosing a blueprint. For example, if one of your blueprint options can produce ink, but you can't remember which buildings it's used in, this feature would allow you to easily check.

Currently, the atlas allows you to view unowned blueprints, but not search them based on ingredients/products like the recipes menu. This makes it a pain when you're trying to find all buildings that use/produce a specific resource.


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Aron Pietron

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Michael Collins

This also applies to blueprints you haven't unlocked yet due to the level-up in the Citadel Upgrade tree; sometimes those buildings show up as ruins in maps, and a player wouldn't be able to get information about them in the game. (This is most relevant on games where you have the perks to see the contents of glades.)



This thing right here, please.
Before anything, I just want to make it clear that I am pretty new to the game, haven't finished my second cycle yet, so this coming from someone who is pretty unexperienced and might be missing something. My game is in portuguese, btw, so be aware that some specific names ingame will probably be mistranlated (I WILL fuck up my grammar, 100%).

Planning a build is a very fun part of the experience, but it can be pretty frustrating when you're expected to just remember every single thing every single building does alongside each recipe and all of its variations.

Like, I remember that Leisure requires beers.
beers are made with some container thing (barrel, ceramic and waterskin) and some plant? And now i have to go look in the atlas, scroll for years through the buildings list until i find something, anything, that i guess makes them to look at my options.
Cool, i now know the ingredients, i will forget it next game/day, but i remember now. So I hover the tooltip to know what other buildings make beer.
The tooltip lists four.
I need to remember these four and, once again, scroll through the list and click every single one so I can see what else they make.
Now i need to know what makes ceramics/barrels/waterskins/grains/roots and I'll have to go through this very fun and streamlined process for every possible choice. yay

Nestled tooltips would be great, just copy Old World, pinky promise I won't snitch.
Or maybe (possibly both, pretty please) put the ingame recipe page on the Atlas, but containing every ingredient/product. This page could have redirecting icons for the buildings that can make them and a little "back" button on the top left or something, so i can check the building, go back to the ingredient page and click another building.
It would be nice if you could click the ingredient/product in the building page and be taken to their specific page with every possible use (at least the currently unlocked ones based on your level, if you're worried about spoilers).
Just make everything clickable.
Also just realized this is essentialy a wiki.

That's it thank you :D
Sorry I wrote too much :(