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I very rarely find myself ever fulfilling the Brotherhood service. Training Gear is by the far weakest luxury in the game. There's no 3 star production available, and the only two star is the Carpenter. Training Gear directly competes against Fabric and Bricks, and production yields a mere 5 units (compared to 8 Manuscripts and 10 for all others). Finally, there's now a Cornerstone for Luxury and Education, but none for Brotherhood.

My suggestions:
1) Have a 3 star production building for Training Gear (either new or improve the Carpenter)
2) Increase the yield of Gear production to 8-10 units.
3) Add a Cornerstone for Brotherhood to give players an incentive to use the service. Perhaps a resolve bonus or reduction of hostility to reflect the Brotherhood's ability to create solidarity and sense of purpose among the villagers.


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Luke | Eremite

Hey! For now, I'm changing the status to DONE. Brotherhood changed to Bloodthirst with the latest Grace of the Harpies Update. This new need also applies to Harpies. It is now possible to fulfill it in more service buildings.

There are also more buildings producing Training Gear. Its recipes yield 10 goods per production cycle (most of them are two-star recipes). Traders find it more valuable now and we added a perk that supports Traning Gear production and further boosts Lizard Resolve.

We'd be happy to learn what you think about the new changes!


Luke | Eremite

Status changed to: Done


Luke | Eremite

Status changed to: In progress


Alex Ashton

Training gear has one of the best conversions to luxury goods I find or at least perceptively, as a single carpenters can be tasked on it, similar to the supplier doing pottery into trade goods. Furthermore, it is one of the only luxury goods without a middle step - manuscripts require ink, all the drinks require pottery and barrels, etc.

I agree that it is the weakest of the services, however being able to churn out relatively efficient "no middleman" items and luxury good bundles is its upside.