Completely Rework Orders, Victories and Metaprogression - Make it Thematically Sensible

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Every update was a small change from the previous version, but cumulatively, they're a huge change from the original.

(Note: player still choose which orders to take, but the pools they choose from will change)

Separate the Fame track into the Town Development Track and the Exploration Track. Separate all Orders into 3 different menus with 3 different types of orders.
Resolve points and Development Orders advance the Development Track. Glade events and Exploration Orders advance the Exploration Track. Both tracks unlock blueprints at certain points. Mandatory Orders need to be completed to win the game.

Development Orders are supposed to encourage players to develop their settlement. They will never require sending resources back to the Citadel. Development Orders have 4 tiers. The difficulty will affect how many orders at each Tier the player gets. For example, on Scouting (the easiest) difficulty, players will get 5 Tier 1, 3 Tier 2, and 2 Tier 3 Development Orders.
Different orders can only appear at certain tiers, though they do scale.
Essential Building Orders (i.e., Roads, Shelters, Farmlands, etc) - Level 1 only.
General Development Orders (Racist housing, happiness, trade, trade orders, etc) - Levels 1, 2, and 3
Intermediate Needs (Clothing, Complex Foods) - Levels 2, and 3
Luxuries - Levels 2, 3, and 4.

Exploration events are to do with glade events, caches, buildings, etc. Opening new glades as an Order will be a Timed Order only. No more holding back until the last second before suddenly busting over 5 glades just before the game ends.

Mandatory Orders are to reinforce the whole reason the Queen sent you out here in the first place - send resources back to the capital. They are always for Packs or Amber, with Ancient Tablet sometimes offered as a substitute. No Mandatory Orders on Scouting difficulty. At the second easiest difficulty, there can be something easy, like a single Mandatory Order which can be fulfilled by either 8 provision/crop/construction packs, 4 goods packs, 2 luxury packs, or 4 glade tablets. At higher difficulties, the number of mandatory orders will increase, as will their difficulty. For example, an order requiring 50 of either crop or provision packs, an order requiring 10 luxury packs or 10 ancient tablets or 200 amber, as well as a general order which can be filled by a variety of packs. Completing mandatory orders also increases the development track.

Winning requires completing all mandatory orders and reaching certain levels on the Development and Exploration tracks. (But do not need to completely fill them)

Player performance directly affects their meta-progression resource rewards as well the kind of settlement created.

New settlements far from the citadel must now utilize logistics lines going through previous settlements. Flimsy settlements (i.e., minimalist 2-year settlements) have negative modifiers on further afield settlements which depend on them such as increased hostility, increased trader prices, etc. Well built settlements have positive modifiers on further afield settlements which depend on them, such as resolve bonuses, more resources with each caravan, more people with each caravan, decreased hostility, etc. The exact bonuses and detriment depend on things like peak hostility, the number of Development Orders completed, etc.

More types of metaprogression rewards from just the current 3, with the rarer ones only being found further afield. Some metaprogression upgrades require certain achievements. Spawning restrictions, like Guard Tower and Outpost tiles can only spawn within 5 tiles of the Citadel. Dangerous Lands cannot spawn within 3 tiles of the Citadel. Forbidden Lands cannot spawn within 6 tiles of the Citadel.

Also, make impatience bad. (See previous thread)