Different island layout

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Fini N

This thought came to my mind when i was thinking about how did the people get in the middle of an island? Shouldnt they start on the edge instead?
This might be an map event ot different biome, but start your settlement on the edge of the island, having small glades on the edge, and the more you explore inside island, the more dangeour glades there will be. In the center of the island, there might be Ultra dangerous glade, that either might include something similiar to excavation - something that the queen wants you to obtain, or glade with extremely dangeour event with massive rewards after completing it, or at the start of the game, there can be instantly timer (lets say 45 minutes) that the player know *something* very, very bad will happen, if they wont resolve the glade in that time.


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T 10

Map needs more reason to explore and think the glades are in a good spot. Random spawn would be a start, working in local factions would be a good drive.



I like the idea of having a goal on the map or an event that happens whether you discover the glade or not.

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