Estimated annual food production/consumption info

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Ростислав Короткий

would be great to be able to see that. like, if all of my people eat pie, how much brick ovens do i need? it is kinda frustrating when you have large population and have 0 idea if it is 2 or 3 or what
I understand that you cant simplify that into 1 number as different species eat different foods, but having a tooltip somewhere that says that species X need Y amount of food per Z time, and a tooltip on food production facilities that says "this facility currently produces X food per Y time"

or maybe like this: "this brick oven currently produces enough food to feed X people"
idk, anything
like, why do i have to blindly guess how much buildings do i need? having hunger because you simply have no idea how much brick ovens is enough for 60 people is just frustrating.