EVIL gameplay options

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Jon Boug

There are a couple cornerstones which give bonuses for deaths, and at least one Deed revolving around it, but I would reckon they are very rarely chosen.
If, however there were greater options and benefits surrounding a more sacrificial gameplay it could be pretty cool.

Perhaps tagging some Cornerstones as "Evil" and then If selected, future cornerstone options have an additional chance of also being Evil would allow for a specific type of gameplay where you can pile on effects for losing villagers to make it a worthwhile strategy.

Other offers like "you can now sacrifice villagers at Events and Caches pay costs.

Each dead villager spawns a Gravestone cosmetic item that increases productivity nearby but lowers resolve.

You may now burn villagers in the hearth to decrease hostility for X minutes.

Each time a villager dies an additional villager is added to next seasons new recruits, but that villager has a large resolve penalty.

Dead villagers have a chance of becoming Undead. Undead can be assigned to work and never take breaks or lose resolve, but nobody will work with them and they might kill someone during the storm.


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Ben Perry

I like the idea of tagging certain cornerstones as a certain type, and making other cornerstones of the same type more likely to appear. Doesn't need to be restricted to sacrificial cornerstones either, could affect farming, trading, exploration, resolve, etc.

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