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It would be nice to have a button that forces everyone (or everyone of a race) to pause their task and take a break. Villagers eating extra food/consumables seems like a bad thing but there are scenarios in which the extra control is worth the cost.
1) orders/deeds to meet a need can be really difficult to do when your villagers stagger their breaks, especially tight timed orders like the clothes one. The clothes one doesn't need that many (10) but you need to have them available about 2-3 minutes before the timer, because it takes so long for beavers and humans to take a break.
2) better control over starting a resolve bomb, instead of wasting minutes of time for resolve to ramp up as workers go on break, you can force them to take a break and immediately go up happiness.
3) Sometimes you want to have better control to deal with emergencies. Example: You start an event with -8 resolve, dropping a race to negatives, so you remove a consumption control on that race, but it still takes time for them to eat and reset their hunger/unhappiness stacks and to gain resolve from teh new goods. By using this button you can immediately react. Another example, you have a storm coming up soon, with a mystery that hits everyone w/o services. You make the services available at the last moment (either b/c it took that long to have building/bp built, or you had to rush a trader to buy good, or you turned off consumption control), but it still takes a minute for your workers to take breaks and meet the need. Resulting in stacks of penalty / lost workers.


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I'd also like the opposite, something like the red alert priority level in Oxygen Not Included. Forcing no breaks in exchange for an immediate resolve hit that lasts a set duration to prevent using it constantly would be a nice "oh shi-" button. Losing an easy early timed order because all my builders went on break at the same time instead of building the LAST Shelter is annoying, especially since you'd think if some of them didn't have a home they'd be motivated.

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there's also some forest mysteries that would be easier to benefit from with that option, at least early on, before you are able to constantly keep those needs fulfilled all the time anyway.