Give buildings different delivery options

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As it stands right now, production buildings trigger a delivery when their capacity is full. This, coupled with the increased capacity through upgrades, often leads to disruptions in supply - lizard houses not being built because of a brick shortage, while 18 bricks are sitting in the brickyard, undelivered.

I would propose different delivery options. Some indicative options are below:

- On full capacity (currently implemented)
- On first availability (for emergencies)
- On variable limit (set by the player, e.g. every time 6 items are in stock)
- On a villager's full haul (e.g. if villagers can currently carry 7 items, use that as the limit)

I'm not sure how buildings producing multiple products should be handled, especially if villagers continue to only carry one type of item at a time.


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At the very least, idle villagers should be able to grab building material out of the storage of a production facility if there isn't enough in your main storage.


Stian Hugo

should allow idle workers to handle deliveries, maybe even handle the resupply of buildings so the crafters wastes less time doing that themselves