Improved clarity on Services icons

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The current Services icons are pretty, but they're not fulfilling the role of "icon" - that is, they're not instantly recognisable, especially when in greyscale.

Here are some suggestions for new Services icon styles. They aim to meet several criteria:
a) They have simple, recognisable outlines, allowing them to stand out when shrunk or greyscale. None rely on a detailed background.
b) They all incorporate elements of the Luxury Good that goes into making them.
c) They all have a visual element in common with each other, to prompt the viewer that "services" is a distinct category. In this case, the element is bilateral symmetry.
d) They incorporate visual hints as to which species they benefit, although this may only be apparent in the larger-scale icons.

Leisure: Two beer steins being clinked together in a toast. One is held by a human hand, one by a beaver hand.

Luxury: A wineglass, held in a beaver's hands. Alternatively, two wineglasses being clinked together in a toast, which I think would better emphasise that this is a Service, but might feel too similar to the Leisure icon.

Bloodthirst/Brawling: Two crossed spears, one wielded by a harpy, the other by a lizard.

Cleanliness: The hands of a harpy, carefully filing their talons (the current "Cosmetics" icon includes a nail file, but a harpy painting their talons would work just as well).

Religion: A smouldering brazier of incense, with a kneeling human on one side and a kneeling lizard on the other.

Education: An open book, with illustrations of beavers and harpies. Alternatively, an open book held in harpy talons, with illustrations of beavers, or vice versa. (The scroll element isn't literally included, but is reflected in the paper pages of the book)


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Aron Pietron

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Maybe I am just not used to the new icons right now, but I find them much harder to recognize... The new icons are more detailed but some of them look pretty similar or have the same colors.


Jessica Streicher

I like the idea of depicting the people that will use the service, but i can see two problems with that:
1. Scale - as with the current icons, i doubt you can make different kind of hands distinguishable enough at the size it is at. Maybe you could give the races some kind of unique crest to depict with the items instead
2. There might be more races coming, so we might have services relevant for more than 2 at some point.