Korean translation suggestion for some nouns.

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This is just suggestion. It's not for a critical mis-translated terms, but just for some translations that is not actually widely used or natural in Korea.

1. 폐품업자의 야영지 (Scavenger's camp)
폐품업자 means a scavenger, yes. But it means like a scanvenger in Fallout series. A scavengers looking for some scraped metals or things. Scavenger in Scavenger's camp scrapts things but... not those.
I suggest to use "수집꾼" as Scavenger, so "수집꾼의 야영지" as Scavenger's camp. 수집꾼 means a collector or gatherer.

2. 징발대원의 야영지 (Forager's camp)
징발대원 is not really used in Korea as it is in English. Even when it is used, it means a person who requisition things from the society, like a soldiers requisitioning cars or other stuffs when the war is declared.
Since Forager collects things from the nature, I suggest to use "수색꾼" which means "Searcher". So "수색꾼의 오두막" for "Forager's camp"

3. 가공품(Artifact)
A artifcat, the citadel resources is translated as Artifact. But...
I've never seen it translated as 가공품, rather it is translated as 아티팩트, which is loan word of Artifact. 가공품 itself means "Refined product" which is too broad for artifact. plank can be a 가공품, complex foods can be a 가공품. Google translator recommends "인공물" for a translation of Artifact, but I still strongly suggest to use 아티팩트 since 인공물 is not widely used. It means "artificial thing" as well... which is too broad again.


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