Minimum storage before trade goods

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Hello there

First of, damn, this game is addicting! :D
However i have found that trading style is hard, mainly because producing packs of trade goods, starve your settlement
i have found under recipes a option to "cap" the amount of packages allowed in storage
but what i would truly like, is a option to set a minimum amount of available resources before it starts producing. so i can ensure i always meet my own settlements needs before prepping for trade.
i have not found anyway to controll this in the game as it is, so either its missing, or its "hidden" somewhere

Also, i a found that the "save recipies" function, dos not work. i would like to set own standard set of recepies and limits, and have them set as base configueration for each game.
it seems this should be posibile with the save function in recepires tab. however nothing happens when i use it. idealy it should be a dropdown menu, where you could choose from previes configuerations. both at start and in middle of game


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James Rhodes

I think I understand the suggestion, I was going to make the same one. An option to package goods if stock is over a certain threshold.

As an example, Let's say I'm feeding everyone off of meat products (pies, skewers, jerky, etc). I'd rather my raw meat be used to make the higher tier food. If I have provisions set to use meat, then the cooking production buildings are fighting with the provisioner for the same material. If there was an option to only use meat for provisions if its above 40, then the cookhouse will always have dibs.

Unless I am mistaken, the feature below would block both the cookhouse and the provisioner from using the meat correct?


Aron Pietron

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Aron Pietron

Hi there! I may have misunderstood your suggestion, but I think we already have something like this in the game. You can set a minimum level of goods that you don't want to be taken for production by selecting the warehouse and using the "min." text box next to a resource.

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