More minor glade events

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Образцов Тимофей

Small resource nodes are getting nerfed, and small glades are becoming even more useless. They need more minor beneficial events. Here are some suggestions:
1) Hermit. Trader with very limited supply. Trades fairly (1:1) even on prestige, and doesn't accept amber.
2) Strider. Reveals glade content in exchange for some supplies.
3) Altar. Allows to sacrifice (like in hearth) some resources for some effects. Also ideas for some 1-charge sacrifice effects:
3.1) Seasons expire 50% slower.
3.2) Workers don't take breaks.
3.3) Cysts are blooming.


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Aron Pietron

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Aron Pietron

Hey there! I think you'll be happy to hear that with the most recent update (Forest Treasures, version 0.50), we added some small, purely positive events to small glades (rainpunk drill, treasure stag, traders). We also increased the number of caches/camps in general.

The pool is somewhat limited for now, but we will expand it in the future :)


Madeline Hero

Or just more small caches, I have had several glades with no events or nodes at all, they just provided more working space.