New Decoration/Paths - Yellow brick road and Crystal Paths

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Jon Boug

I love the change in look that going from dirt paths to stone paths give to a settlement and I think new options would be very fun.
An ability to make brick roads out of clay brick would be a simple and pretty option.
But you could even get crazy with it, like sparking blue crystal paths.

Unusual paths could even have special bonuses attached, like increased production speed for workers who recently walked on it, or higher resolve to the workers on it.


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Chad Capeland

It does seem odd that stone can be turned into bricks, but clay can't be turned into paths.


Jon Boug

Oh, as a note, These could be either regular paths, or be unlockable "path/decorations" Which would be built in the decorations menu and every 8 spaces of it would count as 1 point towards hub level for example.