Rebalance of metals (copper + dew)

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First part of the fix: Remove all methods of directly generating Crystalized Dew without going via Sparkdew.
* Grove should produce Oil and/or Pigment instead of Crystallized Dew.
* Coral trees should produce Sea Marrow instead of Crystallized Dew.
* The Mine should produce stone or clay as a by-product instead of Crystallized Dew.

Second part of the fix: Compensate for the Grove change by adding one more building that can make Crystallized Dew from Sparkdew. I suggest replacing the two-star Biscuit recipe on the Apothecary with a two-star Crystallized Dew recipe, because Biscuits have 5 recipes to make them and because "Apothecary" and "Alchemy lab" are thematically similar.

Third part of the fix: Revert the changes to the Sparkdew -> Crystalized Dew recipe. It should require only one ingredient plus sparkdew. However, I have no suggestions what that ingredient should be.

Fourth part of the fix: Make mining copper more appealing. Currently, a mine site with 3 coal and 2 copper is effectively only a 3 coal mine, because mining the copper halves the rate of coal production and because coal is almost always more desirable. A mine with both coal and copper should yield both coal and copper with every work cycle.

Fifth part of the fix: Balance the more efficient Copper Bar recipes to use slightly less fuel, as follows -
* The 3-star recipe should, instead of taking 4 Ore + 5 Wood/2 Oil/1 Coal to make 2 Bars, should take 6 Ore + 5 Wood/2 Oil/1 Coal to make 3 bars.
* Upgrade the 2-star Copper Bar recipe on the Furnace to 3-star. Reduce the 2-star Pie recipe on the Furnace to 1-star.

Final part of the fix: Put this on experimental branch so people can test how it feels and make sure it's balanced. The crucial thing to look for is the amount of villager-hours that goes into each individual crystal and each copper bar.


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What's the point of rebalancing it?


Balance between copper and dew has been a known problem for a while - in the last major update, the devs made the crystallized dew recipe much harder by adding an extra ingredient. However, I don't think this actually addresses the issue - which is that it's not just "sparkdew vs copper ore", there are actually *three* production chains leading to tools (and other things made from metals).

Mine produces copper ore -> smelter equiv turns ore + fuel into bars -> toolsmith equiv turns bars and wood into tools

Mine produces sparkdew -> alchemist equiv turns sparkedew + two other ingredients into crystals -> toolsmith equiv turns crystals and wood into tools

Grove, mine, or coral trees produce crystals directly -> toolsmith equiv turns crystals and wood into tools

The last of these is pretty clearly superior because it's fewer buildings, less work, fewer resource nodes you need to find, and less Blightrot pollution. In the case of the mine and the coral trees, it's also fewer blueprints. So, I think if you want "balance" between the chains, you just need to flat remove the third one.