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Aron Pietron

Welcome to the Against the Storm Feedback Board. Here you can post your suggestions for future changes to the game, as well as vote for features requested by other community members.

The purpose of this board is to serve as a guide for future changes and additions to the game. Although not everything will make it into the final product (due to factors like limited resources, technical problems or a conflict with our design principles), Against the Storm is very much a community driven game and we will try to incorporate as much feedback as possible.

The general principles:

  1. Please keep the title short and descriptive, and use the “details” section to further elaborate on your idea/feedback.
  2. Please try and avoid repeating already posted suggestions. Notice, that when typing something in the “title” section of a new suggestion, the site automatically filters through already existing posts.
  3. Use the vote feature and comment on posts. This is the main way we will determine if a feature or change is highly requested by the community, or something that can wait a bit longer before we consider it.
  4. Notice that all posts have a status (“open”, “under consideration”, “in progress”, etc.). These indicate what is currently happening with a given topic
    • open - it’s waiting/not yet reviewed/collecting upvotes under consideration - we’re actively talking about it in the studio
    • planned - the suggestion will be implemented and is planned for a future release
    • in progress - we’re on it!
    • done - the suggestion is implemented and released
    • unlikely - the suggestion is put on hold, we’re unlikely to implement it
  5. You can filter suggestions based on category and status, as well as sort them (Trending, Top, Newest, Olders).


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Indication of workers being idle, supply chain with buildings needed included in UI for the


mouse only control; back button


Nicholas Alford

Why is there no Amber counter as a baseline component of the UI? It should be right there in the top bar of the UI at all times IMO

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Luke | Eremite

Status changed to: Done