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I am a new player and sometimes we make mistakes so if we like our position we would save and load to get back in case we made a mistake and try again. it may sound simple but for newbies it does help. I watched a you tube video, it was way too much too fast but after playing around I figured out how to move a woodcutters shed. also did iI miss something because I cannot build houses. also it would be beneficial if when you click on a building you could see who is working there and options pop-up. I find it hard to access that information. But it is probably me. The game looks amazing and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.


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‫אושר אלמוג (‪Shush‬‏)‬‎

This game is a rougelite by definition. That means you win some, you lose some. When you end up losing or abandoning your settlement, you gain some XP and your deeds are earned if you completed a new one.

It is not a bad thing to lose; you can just start a new settlement and keep going.

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