Seasonal Behavior for Woodcutting Camps

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This would be a QOL feature to override the behaviour of woodcutting camps on various seasons. This would also add one new Option to the woodcutters' camp: "No Trees At All"

Three uses for this feature:

1) You have the Rotting Wood mystery, so you set the Woodcutters Camp to "No Trees At All" or "Only Marked Trees" during the storm.

2) You have a mystery that gives buffs (more resource nodes/global resolve) when uncovering glades during the drizzle season, so you set to "Avoid Glades" during Storm/Clearance.

3) Same as above, but for a mystery that inflicts debuffs when discovering glades during Storm, so you set it to "Avoid Glades" during Storm.


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a fourth, actually

4) Setting the woodcutters camp to "No Trees At All" would stop woodcutters from contributing to hostility, so you could have them be disabled during the storm.