Sort Embark Bonuses under Caravans

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David C

Right now, Embark Bonuses are kind of just randomly ordered under the Caravans selection menu. They should be sorted. The order should be this:

1. Things always deployed (Parts, wood, etc.) so they basically line up in the first columns.

2. Grouped by type, alphabetically. So like raw food, then cooked food, then raw material, then refined material, then advanced materials, tools, and luxury items.

This will make it a bit easier to actually compare the caravans.


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Luke | Eremite

So, the available items in Embark Bonus window are in fact sorted. Primarily by their type and then within the type group they're sorted by ascending costs.

When it comes to the type, the resources are ordered just like resource groups on upper HUD, and then followed by additional items. The current order is:
- Food
- Building materials
- Crafting resources
- Amber
- Fuels
- Building blueprints
- Effects

I hope that this makes it easier to find particular resources in the Embark window ^^