Unassign All Woodworkers

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As I am sure many others do themselves, I sometimes find myself having to unassign all of my woodworkers to temporarily drop hostility to keep up resolve during the storm. I would love it if a shortcut to unassign all woodworkers could be implemented.

A bonus would be, if not terribly problematic to program in, a way to reassign the same workers with either the same shortcut or another method.


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Aron Pietron

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Juan José Cifuentes

When playing on higher difficulties, every storm means manualy unassigning most or every lumberjacks. It's a ton of micro and it would be great to have a button to just remove them all.
It would also be nice to have a button to reassign them, but of course you would give them a new job during the storm, so that's a bit more complex. Maybe it would just grab all available workers and put them in woodcutter camps, starting with beavers. Or mass unassigned lumberjacks could get flagged, so afterwards they can be mass reassigned regardless of whatever new jobs tgey were given during the storm.


Aron Pietron

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Clément DELRUE

I doubt the dev intends to go into that direction. Offloading woodworker is a generally considered a cheese. (A bit like the quick toggle of favoring)

So it's more likely to be nerfed than facilitated.



Something that can make it faster to fill or empty all spots in a building with a specific species is to hold shift while doing so. Basically, if you want to fill a woodcutter camp with beavers, hold shift as you fill one slot, and the 2 other will fill with beavers too automatically if you have enough available beavers. Works for any building.

In case you didn't know, you can use the villager overlay to quickly assign and unassign any building without having to select that building. Click on the portrait of one of the species, or hold alt (by default).

Combining these 2 makes it very fast to manage villagers.