UndOrder Card Preview When Hovering Over Blue Tick (to Deliver)efined

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When hovering over the Blue Tick (to Deliver) a pop-up preview of the card is shown. See attached screenshot for mock-up.

Currently when an order is completed, I often enter the Orders screen to double-check what the reward is before I deliver it in case it adversely affects the game (e.g. increases the population when I am on low food).

Having an Order card preview would save the player from having to open the Orders screen to check what the rewards are. Experienced players will recognise the details of the rewards just by their icon. New players can always go into the Orders screen to check the details of any rewards if needed.


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TelHurin | Eremite

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Alex Ashton

This would be helpful as I often try to double/triple/quadruple up orders. I had a game with 4 or 5 orders all requiring boxes of building materials for example. So being able to scan through which to prioritise to complete when i have that many options is useful, especially on a map where I can't pause.