Actual trader price on tooltip (recent tooltip addition improvement)

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In any shop in any game, let's say RPG, when I mouse over a sword I want to sell it tells me how much "gold" I'm going to get now if I confirm the sale, not the abstract base amount which, to get the final value, I then have to multiply in my head by all the modifiers like my barter skill and reputation with the shopkeeper using formulas I find on wiki.

Currently, the tooltip in Against the Storm works like the latter case.

For example, I just picked a selection of goods from my inventory to sell for Amber, and then I had to divide the value number that displayed by 1.25 in order to get the actual number of Amber I'm going to get.

So please make the tooltip in the trading UI display the actual value in Amber I'm going to get from selling moused over items or the total of the items selected for selling, and the actual value of goods I'll need to sell to get the selected or moused over items from the traders inventory. In essence make it work like any shop in any game.


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