Add additional highlight to resource tooltip's "Produced By" for non-blueprinted-but-available bldg.

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After a recent update, the "Produced By" list in resource tooltips helpfully highlights buildings for which the player has a blueprint.

However, there are cases where the player has the building/recipe available, but no blueprint, such as with reconstructed buildings or the Abandoned Settlement modifier. This can cause confusion when the player wants to know if they have a way to produce something: they glance at the list, see nothing highlighted, and assume they have no recipes.

I suggest a highlight with a different colour (or other text decoration) for cases where the player has the building in their settlement, but no blueprint for it.

Specific illustration case:

My settlement started with a Supplier due to the Abandoned Settlement modifier.

Supplier can make two-star Planks and Flour recipes. I have nothing else that can make planks. I have a Press with a one-star Flour recipe.

Planks tooltip highlights nothing in the "Produced By" list, making me think I can't make planks.

Flour tooltip highlights Press in blue, making me think that the Press's one-star recipe is the best I can do for flour.


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