Add option to auto-pause before storm

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Currently the most important part of a game can be if you manage your hostility before the storm starts, especially because some effect trigger at the start of the season. It has happened to me that I paused a second late and lost multiple buildings or villagers.

Adding an option to auto-pause on storm transition would save a lot of grieve.

There are probably other good places to add auto-pause options as well.


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Aron Pietron

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Powen Yao

For me, often I'd like to do some last-minute shopping before the trader leaves.

It may also be interesting to have the auto-pause feature for most notifications. That way, the game can be played as more of a turn-based game. You make your decisions, you go about doing your business while the game run in the background. You heard a notification and come back to see what got done and decide your next step.

Might make this addictive game more mangeable :P