Allow tab to find service buildings

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Currently you can use the tab button to find most buildings but not services or the Archaeologist or Forsaken Altar.

Sometimes I forget where I built the Archaeologist and being able to tab to it would be nice. Also I'm not always fully staffing service buildings so it would have some use there as well, though the service buildings stand out a bit more. The Altar is huge so hard to miss, but the Archaeologist can blend in a bit.


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you can always find stuff through the build menu (highlight the blueprint and press the right arrow key). Though that doesn't work for finding restored ruins you don't have the blueprint for (or don't have any), nor converted decorations. Maybe it would help to have some way of jumping between special cases like this (as well as unsolved glade events, can be rather easy to forget about some caches in some corner later on)


Even more, you can't do this for ANY decorations. Trying to track down the random barrels or sign post for some emergency supplies is a pain, not that that happens a lot.