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Leonardo Bencivenga

After the latest patch in the experimental branch (24 Jan) I found it is basically impossible to play in Very Hard or harder maps. The Base Resolve of each villager has been nerfed to 10 (on average). However, Storm effects on Resolve (Looming Darkness, Devastating Storms, etc.) remained the same; so having a hostility 2 Storm with -10 resolve on year 2/3 (which happens on harder maps, given the Hostility multiplier) is a game killer. By year 2/3 it is impossible to have services online, nor complex food to raise morale, and the basic "Sheltered during Storm" bonus is mostly irrelevant. So it's a village wipe by year 3.

Please, when changing Resolve values in the Experimental branch, consider changing also the negative effects on Resolve from the Storm/Glade Events/Cornerstones.

Thanks in advance.


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