Clarify goods trading values

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Tobias Moon

Currently trading seems very unbalanced and somewhat unreadable.
Raw materials are seemingly frequently valued higher than secondary goods.
Establishing clear expected prices for goods would be helpful.
Knowing that for example, 8 raw ingredients will always be needed to buy 1 Amber and that 1 Amber will always be able to purchase 5 raw ingredients.
Presently there seems to be 5 loose item categories:
Raw (e.g Wood)
Processed (e.g Planks)
Crafted (e.g Training Gear)
Packaged (e.g Trade goods)
Curios (e.g Tablets)

Setting an expected value for goods in these categories would allow players make more informed choices when buying goods and blueprints/perks.
Also it would allow traders to to be good or bad value merchants - Trader A can sell food for bad prices, but buy Curios for good prices and similar, and allow for trader perks to offer clearer incentives.

Proposed rough numbers when selling:
Raw (e.g Wood): 1 Amber per 8 units
Processed (e.g Planks): 1 Amber per 4 units
Crafted (e.g Training Gear): 1 Amber per 2 units
Packaged (e.g Trade goods): 1 Amber per 1 unit
Curios (e.g Tablets): 10 amber per 1 unit


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Aron Pietron

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TelHurin | Eremite

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idk, I don't usually fuss about with having the "best deal possible", partly because I never sell anything (except for trade routes) until I really need current perks or items, and when I need them I need NOW so I can't wait anyway for a better deal. +/- 3 amber wouldn't change much anyway. I suspect readability could be improved somehow as I sometimes click a bit at the end of a deal to fine tune the last few pixels of the bar and see if I can add a bit of wood, subtract a piece of food etc. but in my imagination this kind of simulates haggling so it has some roleplay value :D


The guesswork what my amber are Worth is really frustrating. I switch often between difficulties which makes it worse -.-. It would be fine if Diffrent Traders set diffrent Values to Stuff but at least some Kind of Measurement should be shown on UI. Maybe increase the Size of the TradeItem-Icon by 100% and add a little Number in the Corner what it is Worth for the Trader.


Jon Boug

Each trader could have different values, but still make them explicit on mouseover, so you can see "oh i shouldnt give this trader my ancient tablets because they give less than the other traders would, but oh they take bricks at a better deal, cool"

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I would like a number indicating, what is worth how much (maybe for each trader different).

Lets say amber is worth 10. Wood 2, Weed 3, Tools 9 and so on.
You could see at a glance how much you offered or how much you want to buy. Would lessen the trial and error even more. Yeah, it is MUCH better than in the beginning (and I kinda miss the WE WANT +/- SLIDERS discussions ^^), but still not perfect IMHO