Click and Drag to move

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A click to drag option would be terrific. I got a progressive disease that gives me some severe pains and cramps so using the keyboard is a strenuous activity. And since I got multiple monitors I run the game in windowed mode without the mouse capture on - so border scrolling isn't very useful.

I'm thinking using both left and right mouse button could lock the cursor to the terrain so you can move the map around with just the mouse rather than having to use the keyboard as the only other option to moving the camera. Heck, it could just be the right click button.

I hope you take this into consideration for a feature.

Regards, a dedicated fan and player from Denmark.


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Aron Pietron

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Will Grey

It's honestly an accessibility thing. WASD is good and all but there are many circumstances where a mandatory two handed interface isn't going to work.


Juniper Belmont

I've seen middle click and drag as move screen in other games.