Cycle between Supply Caches regardless of size

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Allow the ability to cycle between supply caches from the supply cache window or pressing the cycle hotkey. This would be similar to cycling between the same constructed buildings.
This means a player would only have to find one unopened supply cache and from there can jump to all the others.
Reasoning for this is I find that I usually don't start opening supply caches until later in the game and it can be annoying manually jumping between the supply caches when comparing rewards.

*Edit: Just realised you can cycle but they have to be of the same size. My issue was I had caches of different sizes. Would it instead be possible to cycle between them regardless of size? I don't think there is a reason to distiguish them for the purpose of cycling besides "I just want to compare all medium caches only".


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Aron Pietron

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Aron Pietron

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Currently if I have say 2 of each size cache and I click on a small one, there is an arrow that will take me to the next small cache. It will not take me to a medium or large?

Is there any reason it can't cycle through all the smalls, then the mediums, then the larges? It's just a waste of time pausing the game hunting around for that cache I know I opened somewhere.



Great QoL addition I love it