Don't use resource unless stockpiles exceed N

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Niels Rademaker

Please give us the ability to specify per building how large current stockpiles of a resources have to be before it is allowed to consume from it. This would provide a great way to make a precise ordering of which building is entitled to resources before another, which I often feel I need to play this game optimally and find lacking.
Example: tell the smokehouse not to burn through the entire coal reserve and leave the hearths cold while the lizards are having a feast. Leave AT LEAST 30 coal for the rest of us to warm ourselves by, Lizards!


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Christopher Hayashida

You can already do this from the main warehouse.

If you are in list mode, you can set the minimum number of a good to keep - workers won't use the resource if it would go below that number.

The lock button will save the "warehouse limit" for future villages, but I don't recommend clicking to lock the limit. Otherwise, limits set in one village will still be set when you start a new one. It can be confusing and hard to find why you can't use coal the next time you play - but it's because of a limit you set in a previous village.

They added an option in the 1.3 experimental build called "Save Warehouse Limits" that I suggest you uncheck.

I'm not exactly sure how this works with food (for example, villagers might eat the food, regardless of whether or not a limit is set. I don't know if they will starve or leave, or if they will ignore the limit.)

BTW, developers, I think it might make more sense in English to call them "warehouse reserves" or "reserved resources". "Limits" are usually used for the idea of "no more than..." like speed limits. A "reserve" is usually an amount that is set aside (like "strategy oil reserves")