Fix "goods sold" orders

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Maxim Filippov

Whenever game gives you an order to sell goods worth N amber the amount of amber is not calculated correctly, e.g.: I have an order to sell goods worth at least 15 amber, I sell wood and get exactly 15 amber, but order shows 19/15 as if I've got 19 amber


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Aron Pietron

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TelHurin | Eremite

With the trading values visible, I think we can consider it done.




the worth of goods is what you sell, it has to be slightly more then +25% of what you buy.
I started makeing an excel file with the value of the g oods, but it isnt complete, in fact I would rather have the data released :)

On a related note: since the value in amber is calculated in what you sell, you can oversell:
that is, you can sell a LOT of stuff for just 1 root for example. This is usefull if the trader doesnt have enough items to sell later, but you have too many trade goods and just want to get even more resolve/-hostility from your perks.

SO maybe having shown the value of the "sell" part in amber would be nice.



I think it's because it counts goods worth N amber, if you out 15 amber and sell them, it will be alright. The merchant always take a fee on transaction so it will never give you 15 amber for 15 amber worth of items