Hotkeys for roads

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Kinda self explanatory. Please allow setting up hotkeys for different road types. Or the very least paths.


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TelHurin | Eremite

Status changed to: Done


Rostislav Hašek

Add dedicated button for building basic roads like Frostpunk has and/or make basic road key bindable so it can be quickly built. As the basic road doesn’t cost anything it is used way too frequently to be two clicks away imo. Also don’t deselect it when trying to build it where it cannot be built.

EDIT: Or basic road could be autoselected when opening its build menu and just advanced roads would have to be selected manualy.


Aron Pietron

Merged with: Button or keybind for building roads


Tyson Bennett

Please! This would be a great QoL feature. I'm constantly placing paths, and having to navigate the mouse & click twice every so often is so much more tedious than pressing a key.


Zain Azza

Please do so! This is particularly important when playing on the Steam Deck, since it’s very inconvenient to click 2x to pick roads.