More meaningful choices in glades

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Currently all the glade events basically follow the same formula: do the thing in N minutes or suffer a negative consequence. Basically it is not a question of whether to do it or to not do it, it is a question of whether player is capable of doing it. And the reward for completing the task is most often just a set of resources (I really appreciate the events that reward player with unique buildings, that is the direction I want game to go deeper into).

What I would like to see is the events that would give me more interesting choices. Some examples:
* An event with the both positive and negative effects. Lets say that it prevents villages from resting, making them unhappy (-resolve), but also making them more productive as they don't waste time resting. Effect may get stronger over time so that player would have to deal with it eventually, but it allows the player to gamble with it.
* An event that gives several options for how to deal with it. For example, the player encounters a tribe living in a glade. Player may:
- Bribe them with a lot of food and amenities to join the colony (+ (unique?) villages / - food and consumables)
- Establish a trade relations with them (+ new (unique?) trade route / - amber and ancient tablets)
- Fight and loot them (+ some resources / - training gear and some dead villagers)
* An event with long lasting consequences. For example, player meets an ancient entity that can be easily pacified with a sacrifice of a single villager. But if player chooses this option, it does not go away and continue to demand more and more sacrifices, although providing some interesting bonuses in exchange. How deep into those relationships will player go when they don't know for sure what will this thing do next?

All those examples are pretty random and are here just to illustrate what kind of choices I think would benefit the game. Deeper choices have several benefits:
* It gives the player the better feeling of agency.
* It allows for some role-playing element. Player may play a ruthless dictator or a benevolent leader.
* It may create additional strategic depth, allowing player to go for high-risk high-reward plays.


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Aron Pietron

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Aron Pietron

We introduced something like this in a recent update. Although it's probably not as deep as the examples you described here (we give you only 2 choices, and there are no new unique mechanics like the trade route reward), I think it captures the essence of the idea. And, of curse, it will be expanded on inthe future (like every feature we add).