More ways to spend meta resources

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Leonardo Bencivenga

Right now, when you complete the Tech tree, meta resources (Food/Machinery/Artifacts) have almost no uses, aside from the Forsaken Altar. However, this feature is not always available: you have to play in Prestige Difficulty, sometimes the offered cornerstones are not good enough to justify losing villagers, and you can't just mass spend those thousands of food stockpiled.

I would like extra ways to send meta resources on the world map, before an expedition, for example, spending 100 Food / 50 Machinery / 25 Artifacts => 1 extra Embark Point. Or rerolling the available caravans before an expedition, or revealing the seasonal effects (Storm/Drizzle effects) of the selected tile, or removing some of the negative ones. Or maybe adding a random positive one (it's boring to always play with 1 positive effect, I almost didn't remember that in lower difficulties there are 2/3 ). This could be useful in order to prepare to play a higher Prestige level.