Moving woodcutters (and other camps)

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First off, I am loving Against the Storm.

I find that it can be a little awkward to move camps. It is especially evident on woodcutter camps since they move around the most. First, you have to select the camp, then choose the move action, then move+rotate it. Then if you are off by one square you have to do all that again. Second, if the camps are moving a long ditance you have to scroll the camera back and forth a lot in addition to all the other input.

It would be cool if you could assign camps (or any building) to a hotkey (5-10) like selection groups in an rts game. And then when you press (5-10) either it defaults to already having the move action active or you hold a key like alt+(5-10) to have move active.

P.S., the qol features of the game are great already and I especially appreciate all the feedback mechanisms like this incorporated into the game menu.