New Biome Idea: Petrified Woods

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The ground has dried up and the trees have turned to stone. Wood is hard to come by: most trees will give you stone instead.

To accommodate this, wooden buildings can be made out of stone instead– though at reduced efficiency. And planks are still hard to come by.

Food is also scarce. You can find patches of edible rust lichen that provide vegetables and meat, as well as a few eggs and mushrooms.

However, the petrified woods are a land of wealth. Ancient machinery is buried just below the surface, and coal and ores are both quite common. Iron Roots are barely edible, but make for an unusual natural source of pipes. To survive, you'll need to double down on trading – get rolling in amber so you can make it rain food!


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‫אושר אלמוג (‪Shush‬‏)‬‎

I LOVE this concept!

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