Remove the "disable pause" modifier for accessibility

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This might be controversial but I feel the "disabled pause" map modifier/ penalty from clearing out the rainpunk foundry is out of place in the game. My main concern here is accessibility - for disabled players who are unable to control the map as fast as others the pause function is pretty much essential. It would not be as big of a problem if it was only the map modifier since you can choose not to settle it, but the rainpunk foundry is a problem because it means that as a disabled player you have to think twice if you actually want to open any forbidden groves. I'm sure there would be another interesting debuff you could come up with there.


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Aron Pietron

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Cassandra Ruggles

Agreed, as someone with a connective tissue disorder and a bad left hand, I depend heavily on being able to pause and preload commands. It sucks to have a key accessibility feature taken away as a modifier.

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