Show Species Needs on Embark screen somewhere

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Andreas Elsemann

I don't know exactly what each species needs from the top of my head, would be nice so show the needs window from the settlement screen if i hover of the species in the embark screen. I have to use external sources (wiki) to check, or switch screens in game wich is bothersome.

I have harpys and beavers selected, should i take scroll delivery for education? or beer for entertainment? Maybe they don't share any luxerys and i should pick another group. Do i need pickles or skewers for this species?


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TelHurin | Eremite

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Aron Pietron

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Like in a run, in the embarking screen there it should show the needs of the species that are going with you on the run and ideally what resources are needed for those
It would help to choose buildings and resources to start your game with.
e.g. If one of your options has harpies and lizards, you might want to embark with meat to produce jerky as soon as possible if the meat isn't already provided.

The UI could have two separate boxes. One with the common needs and the other one with unique needs. Seeing the materials needed to fulfill that need e.g. by hovering over them would be helpfull.

Some kind of indicator like a green or red box could also be very helpful. It could show if you are able to fulfill that need with your starting buildings and materials.

E.g. In the coral forest you have immediate access to crystallized dew and planks (and even if you wouldn't have planks you could produce them) so the lizard house should/could be indicated as being able to fulfill from the start

Maybe show yellow (or some other different indicator) for resources you are able to get, but that aren't certain to have from the start. Like resources from gathering and planting. You have the building to fulfil the need, but it isn't certain that you can have those resources in your starting glade.


Siarhei Burets

+1. In order not to overload the interface, it can be done as pop up hints when hovering over the species icon.