Small farm - vegetables underperforming

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After discussion on #general on discord, I and 1 other person came to conclusion, that Veggetables from small farm are worst performing crop out of all fertile soil buildings.
Berries are just pure value for food(with pretty strong perk giving Crystallized Dew); Roots are overal one of best food item(flour ingredient and possible to use in many other recipes, which is why its low yield is udnerstandable), but Veggies as they are now, are underperforming, low yield and weak perk(the one that gives Plant Fibers for Veggies produced). Its only redeeming quality is strong synergy with Ranch, but that requires a blueprint choice, which are rather scarce.

If i might suggest, to buff vegetables(not directly), would it be possible to change that perk to give clay instead of fibers? Spirit of that perk would stay the same "make food, gain raw construction material", but instead of getting a material that is plentiful most of the games, it would give a possible way out of so called "brick lock" increasing value of vegetables immensly.

PS Great game, would spend 150h+ again


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S. M.

Veggies are pretty good for fermented products in a granary or cellar, tho, Great if you have lizards and beavers.