The Queen's love

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Quentin Vingerhoets


I had the idea while reading the Fishmen lighthouse flavor text for "Infamy".

Add a status bar to the Overworld. It starts at 0, and goes to the negative or positive according to your success and devotion to the crown.

Succeeding in settlements and choosing loyal events push towards the positive. It will give you access to more tools and bonuses tied to the capital.

However, failing settlements or choosing corruption will push you down the negative. This could extend the Viceroy connection to the whispers of the storm, and maybe unlock some more... Blighted bonuses. But be careful, as if the Queen's love goes too negative... well... "Viceroy executions are quite rare. but not as rare as you might hope".


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mikkel jensen

Would love if that could work into a form of morale system.

And indeed, we already do events, where we work with the forest and corruption, not against it. So it could be cool, that each cycle, you could each settlement work towards being the queens favorite or be an ally of the forest and its corruption.