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I wish there was way to select game length along with difficulty. Maybe a modifier if you build a settlement next to certain things, or another dropdown just like the difficulty is now. Or maybe even an in-game way to increase game length - a way to trade in reputation to gain citadel resources? Just some options would be nice.


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Aron Pietron

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Aron Pietron

It's unlikely that we will add a fully customizable game length option for regular games, but custom games (called Training Expeditions) are now a thing (and there are settings for impatience and reputation there).

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Jon Boug

I agree with the Choice of a longer or shorter game (I actually like short games most times).
You could tie it in with Caravan choices "ooh i like the 8 beavers, but its a short run. Maybe Ill to the human/harpy run for a 16 rep game"

Or it could be part of your tile choice. Instead of each hex of a color being the same some of them have different reputation limits on them.



Upvoted. I was thinking along the lines of an option at the end of the game to extend it by X rep points for a X% increase in rewards? For example, it could reset the 2nd half of the rep bar (with no reset for impatience) for a 50% increase in settlement rewards. Blueprints will be unlocked at the same pace. The additional years spent will be reflected on the world map.
This way, I don't have to commit to a longer game when I embark a run, but I can accept a substantial challenge for extra rewards if I find myself enjoying a good run.



I too would enjoy a longer game. I made a post asking for 1.3 to 1.7x length. 2x even might be okay.